UPDATE– Daniel Flint was sentenced to 21 years in prison, suspended after 6 years, for setting the old Bedford Middle School on fire back in January 2020. The court is taking into account the three years Flint has already served. Flint is a former student of the old Bedford Middle school; he was 21 when he was arrested for the fire.

To break down his sentencing, he was sentenced to 15 years for burglary, five years for arson, and one year for violation of probation. Flint has previously been convicted of violent crime back in 2018.

Flint’s mental health was at the forefront of the deliberations. The defense argues that Flint’s autism played a significant role in his actions. According to the defense, Flint’s condition makes him function mentally as a young boy even though he is now 24 years old. His attorney says a boy who loves playing with Legos “has no place in prison.”

The defense argued that his Autism, in combination with the bullying he endured while at the school, led him to commit this crime.

However, Commonwealth Attorney, Wes Nance, argued that although Flint’s mental health is to be taken into account, his failure to comply with the rules of his probation, along with his previous offenses did justify a significant sentence.

It does not match the loss that this community suffered with the burning of the old school building, but I do think it’s a significant sentence based upon the sentencing guidelines as they’re presently written,”

said Nance.

Following Flint’s release, he will be subject to 10 years of good behavior probation. Seven of those years will be supervised and he has also been ordered to comply with several mental health agencies.

Nance adds that 60 days prior to Flint’s release, he will go before the court again to better fashion a plan for what happens after he’s released in regard to his own mental health, as well as ensuring public safety.

The old Bedford Middle School is set to be given a new life as boutique hotels and apartments.

BEDFORD, Va. (WFXR) — A Bedford jury sentenced Daniel Flint, to 21 years in prison on March 24 for setting the former Bedford Middle School on fire back in January 2020.

Flint pled guilty to felony charges of arson in November 2021. On Friday, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison with his sentence suspended after he serves 6 years.

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