LYNCHBURG, Va (WFXR) — In the month of November Lynchburg has seen several shootings and one homicide. Residents say they are scared and concerned about the recent amount of gun violence in the community.

Robert Flood is a Lynchburg resident as well as the Vice President of “Peacemakers”– a nonprofit that works to reduce conflict and promote community safety.

“Shooting and killing, I mean it’s just, it’s uncalled, it’s just crazy,” said Flood.

Flood says people need to work together to combat gun violence in Lynchburg.

“We gotta do something as a whole, not one or two people are gonna do it. Everybody’s gotta play a part in this, everybody,” said Flood.

In the month of November alone, Lynchburg Police have reported several shootings.

  • On November 1 — police reported an overnight shooting on Cabell and Amherst streets where one man was taken to the hospital.
  • On November 5 — a shooting was reported on Pierce Street… police later found a man shot in the leg nearby.
  • Two days later — a shooting on Grove Street injured a woman and caused damage to two homes and a car.
  • Friday, November 11 — 28-year-old Tyler Johnson was shot and killed at the Iron&Ale restaurant on Cornerstone street.
  • On November 16 — two women were taken to the hospital after being shot in the middle of the afternoon near 12th and Pierce streets.

Thursday’s shooting happened just a few feet from a family development center, program director Antionio Davis says he is frustrated by the amount of gun violence in the area.

“Sad, angry, you know just, not discouraged, but just angry right now,” Davis says.

Davis said his number one concern is always keeping the kids safe.

Flood says the “Peacemakers” organization will train community members on de-escalating situations, conflict resolution, and even first aid. He says it’s all in hopes to reduce what he calls senseless acts of violence.

“You know it’s got to stop, it’s gotta stop,” said Flood.

Both Flood and Davis emphasized their love for the Lynchburg community, they say they hope people will work together to end the violence.