CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — A simple act could be potentially life-saving during a fire, according to the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI).

According to FSRI, they found that rooms that had closed doors had average temperatures that were less than 100 degrees and 100 ppm of carbon monoxide, that’s compared to 1000 plus degrees and over 10,000 ppm of carbon monoxide in rooms with open doors.

The Campbell County Department of Public Safety is asking the community to change their behavior with a new slogan “Close Before You Doze.”

According to officials, they are encouraging the community to close all their doors — bedrooms, bathrooms and basement — at night to help starve any potential fire of the oxygen it requires to grow. This will give you more time to escape.

Fire officials also provided these tips to help increase your chances of survival:

  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.
  • Close doors at night
  • Escape quickly if a fire ignites and close every door behind you as you exit
  • Parents should place a baby monitor in the child’s room to make sure they can hear their children
  • Have an escape plan and practice as a family at various hours