Beer drinkers are asking for healthier options, Lynchburg brewery tries to adjust

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Pandemic isolation meant eating and drinking at home.

Now, the manager at Apocalypse Ale Works, Austin John, says tastes have changed and customers are asking for different kinds of beers, leading the brewery to make changes to their menu.

Putting on extra pounds after the pandemic has folks looking for healthier options, especially when it comes to beer.

“A lot of times I’m looking for more of the session-able styles that are under the 5 percent alcohol content that doesn’t leave me feeling as heavy or as overwhelmed,” said frequent customer Josh Grinnan.

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John says people are drinking more traditional styles and fewer specialty drinks.

“As a beer purist, I’m kind of excited about that because we don’t have to do crazy things with lactose and milk, sugars, and fruits,” said John.

According to John, more people are also ordering beer with lower alcohol levels.

“That would be seltzers,” John explained. “They’re lower in calories, gluten-free, less sugar, and there’s a growing market for gluten-free or even nonalcoholic beers.”

The brewery is doing some rebranding and bringing in more beer with less alcohol.

(Photo: Amanda Lee/WFXR News)

“How many 8 percent beers is one person going to drink in a night? Probably not a full six-pack,” John said. At least, I’d hope not a full six-pack. But if you have a 4 percent beer, they probably will finish that whole six-pack in a night. So, you can get more sales that way.”

Right now, bringing in sales is key.

(Photo: Amanda Lee/WFXR News)

“It means a lot to the local breweries to continue to be supported through these difficult times so that everyone can survive through the pandemic,” said Grinnan.

Apocalypse Ale Works is also changing what their beer cans look like due to higher prices on aluminum. Now, they’re using silver cans to which they will add their own label.

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