(WFXR) — Two Virginia nonprofits, God’s Pit Crew and Gleaning for the World, are working to provide aid to those impacted by the historic flooding in eastern Kentucky.

The chief operating officer of God’s Pit Crew, Brandon Nuckles, tells WFXR News the Danville-based organization is doing everything it can to provide relief.

“At this point, we have sent five semi loads of products. That includes our Blessing Buckets, water, Gatorade, cleaning supplies, brand new generators, anything and everything that the area is asking for,” Nuckles said.

Both God’s Pit Crew and Gleaning for the World are working to provide victims of the flooding with items such as food, baby care supplies, personal care items, and medical aid.

Michael Justice, the director of donor relations for Gleaning for the World in Concord, says that donations are extremely crucial given the level of the disaster from the flooding.

“In that area there in Kentucky, they actually lost five food pantries with the flooding, and so here are people who are already needing help, and when you lose food pantries, it just makes a huge impact when you’re able to get food over to those folks,” Justice said.

Gleaning for the World is hoping to get trucks filled with supplies out to Kentucky by early next week. In addition, the organization will continuously monitor what flood victims need to ensure it provides the best aid possible.

“People need these things to survive and we’re able to help out,” said Justice.

While both relief groups have already packed and prepared necessities to be sent out to Kentucky, they urge people to give what they can so the organizations can be ready to send ongoing assistance to disaster victims.

Both God’s Pit Crew and Gleaning for the World are continuously accepting donations, whether that’s supplies or money.

“We are asking the community now to continue to donate hard-to-get items things like paper towels, toilet paper, deodorant, canned good, those are always going to be needed,” said Nuckles.

You can sponsor an entire Blessing Bucket for $35, but you can also bring in individual supplies. For more details, visit God’s Pit Crew’s website.

Meanwhile, Gleaning for the World will be accepting money and supplies for flooding victims — such as new, unopened nonperishable foods, paper kitchen products, can openers, toilet paper, paper towels, personal hygiene items, adult diapers, feminine care products, baby care items and diapers, gloves, trash bags, rakes, and pet food and supplies — at the Sam’s Club on Wards Road in Lynchburg from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 4, and Friday, Aug. 5.

To learn more about ways to make a contribution to Gleaning for the World, follow this link.