Local documentary takes viewers into the the infamous “Murder Hole”

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For the first time people will get a glimpse into the  depths of a cave with a legends of murder and intrigue.

As I peer over the notorious Murder Hole, I can’t imagine going down into its dark depths.

“There were a lot of rescues done in the past, usually teenage boys with a piece of clothes line and a flashlight. They could get down in there, but they couldn’t get out,” said Marian Mcconnell, cave owner.

But experienced cavers Marian McConnell and David Socky who have explored the cave wanted to bring that dangerous experience to everyone.

“I know in this modern day people want video. People want the drama Dave and I wanted a movie that show’s people arm chair viewers or even people who are adventurous what it’s like to really go down into the cave all three levels,” said Marian Mcconnell, cave owner.

“I enjoy doing videography and caving videography so it was a natural,” said David Socky, movie videotographer and caver.

Both David and Marian along with her husband Dan tell the story of the cave through their experiences going into it.

“So we wore go pros on out helmets and took a lot of videos, we have pictures all the way back to around 1900,” said Marian Mcconnell, cave owner.

“With today’s light systems, it’s a lot easier than it used to be because you can use the high powered LEDS. I actually used by caving lights for lighting,” said David Socky, movie videotographer and caver.

From where the camera is positioned, to me standing all the way over here is about 100 feet and you can fit an 88 story building in just the first lever of the cave. With two more levels to go, David and Marian say this movie will take you into those places that they’ve explored.”

“It’s just an amazing different world when you’re down in there then standing up in this beautiful area too,” said Marian Mcconnell, cave owner.

An amazing world which still has a lot of mystery to explore. 

The documentary will be shown at the Grandin Theater for free to the public on September 21st.

There will be two showings at 7:20 and another one at 8 pm.

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