ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Angels of Assisi team made a trip out to Bedford County on Thursday to lend a helping paw, taking in more than a dozen furry friends from the Bedford County Animal Shelter to make room for the nearly-30 dogs that were seized as part of an animal hoarding case this week.

On Monday, Jan. 24, Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter, Inc. issued a “Code Red” emergency the day before the operation, saying that the shelter was already over capacity and in desperate need of assistance from rescue organizations, fosters, and adopters.

The next day, though, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office removed 26 dogs and three puppies — all malnourished and in poor living conditions — from a home in Goodview. Fifteen of those dogs were taken to Riverside Veterinary Clinic while the remaining 14 were brought to the Bedford County Animal Shelter, which did not have the space for so many dogs.

However, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter announced that all of the dogs available for adoption at the shelter had either been placed with a rescue or adopted, allowing shelter staff to turn their attention to the 44 court case dogs under their care.

Angels of Assisi reportedly returned from the Bedford County Animal Shelter on Thursday, Jan. 27 with 18 dogs and cats in tow.

“We are so thankful that we had the space to help these animals and help Bedford County make room to house their court case dogs,” said Dayna Reynolds, director of community engagement at Angels of Assisi.
“It was a team effort with several other rescues stepping up to pull dogs as well.”

Angels of Assisi thanked Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter for the nonprofit’s hard work to raise money and find homes for the animals at the shelter, as well as the other rescue organizations who helped take some of the dogs from Bedford County.

As of this writing, a total of 110 people have donated $4,955 to Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter to support the costs of care for the 29 seized dogs, as well as other Bedford County shelter animals.

Meanwhile, the owner of the dogs that were removed from the Bedford County home, Thomas Duggins, has been charged with 10 counts of animal neglect.