(WFXR) — People around southwest Virginia are already sweating over inflation costs, but now running their air conditioning all summer could add even more stress, so how do you beat the heat without breaking the bank?

As temperatures swell into the 90s in Roanoke County, Beth Shelor says cranking up her AC unit leads to another bill on top of a pile of inflated expenses.

“I’m very concerned because I don’t want to have to swelter this summer,” she said. “I want us to be able to breathe.”

Shelor says she and family members already carpool for groceries. On top of that, she shares a home with her mother. However, her electric bill is up $20 since last month and she’s worried about what’s coming for the rest of summer.

“I’d like to see the federal government, just one of them come down and live on my salary for a month and see how they would make it,” Shelor told WFXR News.

James Williams, operations manager at Total Action for Progress (TAP), helps people weatherize their homes. In the summertime, that can include blocking air leaks and teaching people how to be more energy efficient.

He says keeping your home shady and your doors closed during the warmer parts of the day makes a bigger difference than people realize. In addition, opening the windows at night — after the temperature drops into the low 70s — can help as well.

“We like to keep a temperature that will save you the funds to do other things with,” Williams said.

Williams and the TAP team offer free weatherization services to those under the income limit in the following localities:

  • Alleghany County
  • Bath County
  • Botetourt County
  • Buena Vista
  • Covington
  • Craig County
  • Roanoke City
  • Roanoke County
  • Rockbridge County
  • Salem

You can find out if you qualify for TAP’s services by clicking here.