(WFXR) — The Commonwealth saw a rise in employment by nearly 14,000 people in the month of June, according to the Virginia Employment Commission. However, even with an influx of new employees, many businesses are still facing worker shortages.

According to the dean of the University of Lynchburg’s College of Business, Nancy Hubbard, if you’re looking to make the plunge and change careers, now is the time to do it.

In fact, with so many businesses looking to hire, there are plenty of new opportunities for potential job-seekers.

“It’s an employee’s market, and that’s always a really great time to try something new,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard also says that employers should start taking a deeper look into what exactly employees are looking for to meet their needs in the work place.

“If you can find a niche that you can actually provide these things, you will get employees that are working with you, not only because they like the work environment, because you are filling a job need that they have,” she explained.

In addition, the director of economic development for Roanoke City, Marc Nelson, says that employers need to work with potential employees and make changes necessary to hire and retain the workers they need.

“People want flexibility, they want to work from home, they want the hybrid model, they want more money, and they’re in a position to get it given the shortages we see,” said Nelson.

If you’re looking to change positions, there are resources available to help you take that next step.

Nelson recommends checking out local community colleges or the workforce board to help guide you as you seek new career opportunities.

He also says that many local business owners are available to talk to and help employees who may be unsure of how to navigate their next career move.

While many people have concerns about an upcoming recession, Hubbard tells WFXR News that there is no way to precisely predict something like that, so now is still the best time to make a career change.