Honoring veterans leading up to D-Day – Carl Pollard’s Story

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Meet Montvale Native, Carl Pollard.

He started cadet training at 17, ending up in the navy air force. 

Pollard was on an island when D-Day happened. He says everyone was happy, but they were also unsure if they’d be alive the next minute because Japanese soldiers were hiding in the mountains.

The 92-year-old  also tells us two months later he watched the mushroom like cloud of smoke explode up the air right after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Those are just two of many frightening and horrific stories he has to tell.

“They starved them, the Japs took the food that the Red Cross dropped and put it in a bulding and locked it up so they couldn’t get it.  But once they killed all the Japs and took it over, the food was there – they just couldn’t get it to eat.  This buddy, Tommy I call him, slept beside of me – one day I said Tommy what happened to your boots?  All he had was a strap across the toe of them, and he says that was the best ham I’ll ever eat in my life.  He ate his boots, to keep alive,” said Carl Pollard.

Pollard says he thanks the lord above for still being alive on the 75th anniversary.

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