BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — The countdown is finally over and College football season is here. On Aug. 2, Virginia Tech hosted its first game of the season against Old Dominion University.

There were hundreds of people flocking to the gates. Many, well before the game even began. Several tailgates were held on different parking lots throughout the Virginia Tech campus, and mixed in with all of the excitement, fans shared what they were looking forward to most.

“Definitely tailgating, having fun with different people,” said one fan.

“Enter sandman,” said another.

As for what player they were looking forward to most…”Gotta be Grant Wells, Grant Wells a hundred percent,” said one VT fan.

“Quarterback. We’ve had a problem with our quarterback in the past, so hopefully we got something solid for this year,” said another.

For some, the day was not just about the tailgate but about keeping up with tradition.

“Well, my dad has been taking me here since I was one. So, I’ve been coming to tailgates like this a lot since I was younger. He came here as a fraternity brother. So, he met up with his fraternity brothers after they graduated, and they put together these tailgates and it’s super fun,” said one VT freshman.

“Being a legacy kid is kind of weird to say, but it’s also cool because you get to continue the legacy of your parents,” his roommate, who is also a legacy, added.

And it wasn’t just VT fans. A few ODU fans were in the crowd as well.

“I drove up from Virginia Beach last night. Probably got here around seven or eight last night with all the Labor Day traffic, but I was able to sit down with some friends,” said Spencer Bryan.

As a reminder for upcoming games, Tech has implemented a clear bag policy. Things like backpacks, fanny packs, and coolers are prohibited. School officials saying it will allow for a quicker gate check.

That rule will be implemented at Tech’s next home game on Aug. 9 and those following. The Hokies will be playing against Purdue.

Fans said they are excited about the white-out effect game and said, if you’re coming, remember to wear your white!

For a complete list of the Virginia Tech schedule, click here.