LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Officials with the Central Virginia Health District have followed up on a viral social media post, which included photos of moldy bread allegedly served at a Lynchburg McDonald’s.

The Health Department followed up on the complaint on Monday and said they found no moldy bread at that location.

They also conducted a routine inspection of the McDonald’s, which all restaurants go through annually, according to the department

Inspectors found a few violations that employees addressed in the moment.

“We don’t really do pass or fail,” said Jim Bowles, the Environmental Health Director of the Central VA Health District, “but I would say you could consider they passed, because we didn’t find any, we don’t have to make a follow-up inspection to confirm that everything was corrected that needed to be corrected at the time we were there.”

Last month, WFXR was the first to report that the Health Department could not locate a recent inspection from that McDonald’s. We also found that it was just one of at least 65 Central Virginia restaurants with no publicly available inspection reports from 2019.

A spokesperson with the Virginia Department of Health say those 65 restaurants have been inspected recently, but there have been issues transferring reports into their new public database.