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For high school students, prom means getting dressed up and having fun with friends. 

“I’m going to be with my friends and it’s like going to be fun and we get to take pictures,” said Danielle Davoll, attending Northside High School Prom. 

For parents, it means dollar signs, especially when it comes to the dress.

“I’ve liked most of the dresses, but this dress right here is going to be hard to take off.” said Danielle Davoll, attending Northside High School Prom.  

That’s why some teens chose to shop online to get a better deal, but judging from the pictures some dresses aren’t always what they seem. 

Danielle Davoll is attending Northside High School’s Prom. 

When it comes to the dress, she decided to head to the store.  

“Sometimes you might not get the dress that you ordered or the right size that it says it is so I was like why not just go shop in person because then you will know what it actually looks like,” said Danielle Davoll, attending Northside High School Prom. 

Others like Furie Joseph weren’t so lucky when it came to picking out the dress of her dreams. 

“I ordered this yellow dress online to see if it was legit and if it was going to be something nice and it turned out to be a disaster. The fabric is really bad and cheap,” said Furie Joseph, who bought a prom dress online.

There are many more stories like that told online through pictures from social media. 

Tabitha Cain, the owner of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things says she sees it a lot when girls come in her store. 

“A few days before prom, we always get a few girls come in who have ordered something online thinking that they are going to be getting the dress of their dreams and unfortunately what happens is they get either nothing, or something that is just not even close to what the picture looked like. A lot of heartbreak and a lot of what am I going to do? Am I going to have something to wear?” said Tabitha Cain, owner of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things at the Bride’s House. 

Tabitha says she wants young women to be educated about the scams when buying a prom dress online. 

“What will happen is they will take a stock image, they’ll put the image up so you think you’re getting the real dress but the reality is it’s just a knock off dress that doesn’t look anything close,” said Tabitha Cain, owner of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things at the Bride’s House. 

“We also like to have the opportunity to try and educate the girls before they place that order just to make sure that they are getting a dress from a reputable store,” said Tabitha Cain, owner of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things at the Bride’s House. 

One place many teens can look for a dress at online prices is at their local goodwill where some dresses start at under five dollars. 

“We used to do a fashion show here at goodwill and one of our models she every year bought her dress at goodwill for prom because it was one of a kind. She didn’t want her parents to spend  a fortune and she looked great,” said Kelly Sandridge, who is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Goodwill Industries of the Valleys. 

So what is the take away from all from all of this? 

When looking for the perfect dress, make sure to do your homework. 

“Knowing your measurements is very important, knowing that you have a reputable manufacturer that you’re dealing with and knowing their return policy up front and knowing that the dress is in stock and not just  placing the order and saying oh yeah my dress is going to come. Really do some due diligence and protect yourself out there if you are going to shop online,” said Tabitha Cain, owner of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things at the Bride’s House. 

For tips on buying a prom dress online head to this website:

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