ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WFXR) — Two Rocky Mount police officers are on administrative leave after pictures surfaced on social media appearing to show them inside the U.S. Capitol.

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised,” said Glenna Moore, Franklin County resident.

Moore is responding to the statement released from the Rocky Mount Police Department.

“It is a blight on our community,” said Moore.

Some community members are upset because they developed a personal rapport with the officers over the summer during the Black Lives Matter protests.

“I’m hurt and sad to see that. We had a great time this summer with them, and I’m hurt if they took part in taking down the Capitol,” said Bridgette Craighead, President and founder of Black Lives Matter Franklin County.

“They’re not bad people we’ve met them. They’re okay. People we enjoyed most of the time. What they’ve done is they’ve aligned themselves in one part of their life to a movement that causes us trouble,” Darnell Moore, a Franklin County resident, said.

This is why people from the BLM community are outside the police department asking a question.

“I understand, standing up for what you believe in, but when you saw that things were out of line, you shouldn’t have gone inside of the Capitol you should have helped the other officers that were trying to get people in order. Why didn’t you do your job there?” said Craighead.

The BLM community believes that on duty or off duty, a police officer should uphold their responsibilities when it comes to the badge.

“They should not have a career in policing, for them to be a part of an actual riot, while they were trying to prevent one this whole summer. They should not have their job anymore,” Craighead said.

While there are mixed emotions about the fate of the two officers, some people still have hope.

“I am disappointed at the officers, but I still love them, and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes, and we can help move our system forward,” said Craighead.

One of the officers tells WFXR at he cannot speak at the moment, citing pending federal investigation. However, he said he’s confident the investigation will show there was no unlawful activity on their part.

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