PATRICK COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — It’s time for five days of music, art, and adventure! The 2022 FloydFest is officially underway in southwest Virginia, but organizers say the sold-out jamboree will look slightly different this year.

Organizers for FloydFest say they expect thousands of people from across the country to attend this year’s festival, which runs from Wednesday, July 27 through Sunday, July 31. Many vendors have also returned to the event, saying they’ve been coming to FloydFest for years.

FloydFest organizer Sam Calhoun says the festival gets a new theme with new art projects every year, with this year’s theme being “FloydFest 22~Heartbeat.”

“This day’s really special because people get to come in here and they get to reunite with their home, reunite with their family and friends, and they get to see our new on-site art. They get to start this whole journey over again,” Calhoun told WFXR News on the first day of the 2022 FloydFest.

However, FloydFest is about more than just music. Festival organizers also partnered with local businesses to help tackle sexual assault and mental health.

“America is in a very unique space. We need to support each other, and we need to have that available to everyone who may need it or don’t know they need it, and we need to promote it,” Calhoun said.

Soulshine Event Services is one of the Virginia-based organizations that FloydFestival organizers partnered with, as their message is “building a community of consent.”

“We provide consent education for the patrons; mental health resources; and, if necessary, crisis intervention for a mental health emergency or if someone experiences a consent violation,” said Soulshine Event Services’ founder and intervention specialist, Lisa D’Alessio. 

D’Alessio says they have access to telehealth sexual assault nurses, DNA evidence collection kits, and contraceptives.

“We’re doing this to be proactive for the health and wellness for our community. This is an issue that happens everywhere,” D’Alessio told WFXR News.

Since the festival usually brings 14,000 to 15,000 people to the edge of Patrick and Floyd counties — including artists, volunteers, and eventgoers — organizers say FloydFest takes security very seriously, receiving support from local hospitals and multiple law enforcement agencies.

“We have a medical team with 85 doctors and nurses on site. We have offsite medical,” Calhoun said. “We even have a landing zone if something happens.”

Calhoun says tickets for this year’s festival are sold out. However, tickets for next year will be available on Nov. 1.

You can visit the FloydFest website to check out the full “FloydFest 22~Heartbeat” lineup, as well as get answers to dozens of questions about parking, shuttles, camping, and more.