Flood Prone Residents Take Shelter At Berglund

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As the heavy rain from Florence continues to impact the Roanoke area overnight, some are seeking shelter.

The American Red Cross has set up a location for residents of flood prone and low-lying areas to spend the night.

As of Sunday evening, the Red Cross said eight people and three pets are utilizing the shelter set up at the Berglund Center as the rain creates a dangerous situation for those living in a flood plain.

Chris Elliott, a resident of Vinton, decided to leaver her home with her two dogs and take advantage of the help the Red Cross is offering.

The shelter is providing the basics of water and snacks as well as a place to rest. 

Elliott lives in a flood plain and has experienced situations like this before. After heavy rain came through the area Sunday afternoon, she didn’t hesitate to leave.

“It rained so hard with the wind blowing and most of this is coming in overnight and I knew I just could not stay there with my puppies,” Elliott said. “I’m sure they’re a little bit nervous but I brought blankets for them to cover their cages so they couldn’t see.”

Roanoke emergency officials emphasize that the shelter is not just for Roanoke City or Roanoke County residents but for everyone in the region. When the shelter was set up, the Red Cross anticipated evacuees from as far away as North Carolina.

As for Elliott, she hopes to return to her home tomorrow.

“A nice person fixed me a meal which was very good. It was the first meal I’ve had since yesterday.”

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