Flag flown at Ground Zero makes its way to Roanoke

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The events of September 11, 2001, brings back a lot of memories for Bill Price. He’s a fire captain at Norfolk Naval Base.

“My godfather was working that day. He spent three months in the pile, recovering a lot of friends, a lot of co-workers,” says Bill Price.  

On Saturday, he’ll climb the equivalent of 110 stories to honor the first responders who died on 9/11. 

“We get a tag of one of the guys who was killed on 9/11, carry it around your neck, and you’re essentially completing the climb that he wasn’t able to,” says Price. 

He’ll be carrying one of the flags flown over Ground Zero during 9/11 recovery efforts. Here it was raised and flown at Roanoke Fire Station 1, where fire department members observed it in silence. 

“It really kind of saddens your heart in some aspects but it kind of brings you back to the surreal of what the men and women of New York City faced that day,” says Fire Chief David Hoback of the Roanoke Fire EMS Department. 

The flag has been raised in locations across the country and is flown in each place for nine minutes, 11 seconds.

A cross made from marble taken from the World Trade Center’s south tower lobby lays at the feet of the Fire EMS Honor Guard members who raised the flag. 

“I’ve talked to a lot of firefighters who were there. And their biggest fear is they’re going to be forgotten. Time’s going to take over and everybody’s going to start to forget,” says Price. 

But Price believes moments like these ensure that we never forget.

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