Fighting for family, a mother’s hope to find a cure

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“I had come off Christmas vacation, I’m like many of us trying to trying to get back into the swing of things lose a little bit of weight, stick to those New Year resolutions and I was actually in the basement working out with my husband,” said Amanda Griffith, cancer survivor. 

At that moment, 38 year old mother of three, Amanda Griffith knew life was about to change.

“I felt something that wasn’t right,” said Griffith. 

After a couple of visits to the doctor, that something turned out to be triple negative breast cancer.

Immediately she thought about her family and loved ones.

“My son was getting ready to be a senior  in high school and you think oh my gosh, am I going to make it to see him graduate? Am I going to get through him getting out of college and my daughter, she was thirteen and I’m thinking, oh am I going to make it  to see her graduate? Am I going to be there to help her pick out her wedding dress and all of those milestones that kids need their mom for,” said Griffith. 

But she overcame those questions with positive thoughts, literally posting them around her whole house.

“And I had them on the back of the door going down the basement, when I opened my kitchen cabinets on the mirror, everywhere I look I saw positivity and those were my cheerleaders and I kept them up the entire journey. In fact, I was cleaning the garage not long ago and somehow one of there and I pulled it out  and I tacked it back up and I thought, you’re not going anywhere,” said Griffith. 

She says, living in the small community of covington was also a positive.

The community rallied around her.

Even putting on a softball tournament to raise money for her medical expenses. 

“Just the amount of love and outpouring just every where I looked, every time I turned around something was coming in the mail, gifts and just anything. They were feeding me every other day. It was amazing. I said if I could bottle that up and just pass it out to everybody fighting cancer, that’s what I would give to everybody because you can’t put a price tag on it and you can’t buy it in a store,” said Griffith. 

More than a year later, she’s a survivor.

Wanting to share her message of hope with others fighting the good fight.

“One of the things I think about, if I could have been stronger in the beginning. Did I have to break down like that and honestly I think I did. I think that  I kind of had to be stripped down to my very core and rebuilt and as horrible as that sounds to have to go through those gut wrenching feelings, I think it’s just part of the process but there is hope, there is absolutely hope,” sad Griffith.

To help Amanda and others like her in our community, you can click here to donate:

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