Family displaced after apartment fire in Roanoke

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“My neighbor knocked on my door yelling help, call 911, we need to get everyone out of the building,” said James Claytor, dialed 911. 

A frantic scene as James Claytor jumped up from this couch and ran to alert his neighbors there was a fire.

“It was a lot of smoke, I can say that, it was thick,” said James Claytor, dialed 911. 

Shortly after every one got out safe, firefighters arrived and got to work putting out the flames and reducing the smoke.

“We’re usually there 90 percent of the time in 4 minutes or less, so we were on the scene very quickly and then the resident was able to tell us very quickly which one was there’s,” said Tiffany Bradbury, Roanoke City Fire and EMS.

“Quickest I’ve seen in my life. thank them from the bottom of my heart they got here, I mean if it wasn’t for them, I think it would have gotten worse,” said James Claytor, dialed 911. 

Fire officials say the fire is just another reminder for people to check their smoke detectors.

“We didn’t hear any smoke alarms going off when we got here so just make sure that you check your smoke alarm batteries,” said Tiffany Bradbury, Roanoke City Fire and EMS.

For some smoke alarms, there is a button that you can push, that will make a sound to let you know, that it’s working.

“It’s very important, a lot of times smoke alarms are up but people take the batteries out of them so they won’t work,” said Tiffany Bradbury, Roanoke City Fire and EMS.

Fire officials say the fire was contained to the one apartment, but the damages are wide spread.
Fire officials say the fire was caused by smoking materials. 

They say the damages cost about fifty thousand dollars. 

But usually in the case of a fire, it’s up to the renter if they have insurance or not to get money back for the valuables they have lost such as clothes, electronics, furniture. 

Fire officials say it’s important to have renters insurance in case of an emergency.

“Once you have that loss whether it’s fire smoke, things start adding up and to try and replace all that on your own, is just going to get too much, and so the renters policy while it is inexpensive, normally it’s only a hundred and fifteen a year, normally and so it just gives you so much coverage for a little premium,” said Christy Schaeffer, Office Manager at State Farm Insurance Agency. 

Renters insurance not only covers property in fires, but also if affected by theft, vandalism, windstorm, or pipe bursts in indoor plumbing. 

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