ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – We seldom realize it, but cyber security is threatened every day, according to Ken Nevers, CEO of Red Sea Information Security, a Roanoke-based cyber security company.

“Every day China is hitting us,” explained Nevers. “Every day Russia is hitting us. Every day, there is threat groups in every country, so these nation state groups are constantly trying to do stuff.”

He says these countries won’t attack regular internet users directly, instead going for big corporations. However, this means anyone could be affected by a cyberattack if you are a client of a company that falls victim to a cyberattack.

Nevers says it’s important to have a good defense against any hacker. His best advice is to not use the same password twice.

“Two factor, multi-factor, everything that you can,” said Nevers. “It used to be kind of an option, highly suggested by the security community. Option, but both sites and services are starting to listen and adopt that and force that on you.”

He recommends using a password manager — like LastPass — instead of writing your important codes down.

A password manager generates complex passwords and fills them in automatically so you only have to remember the password to get into your vault.

Sometimes, when your web credentials appear in a data leak, your phone will let you know. Nevers says the first thing you want to do is change that password because a hacker can use it.

“The average user’s personal security is just tragic and it’s just wide open and they lead themselves to all sorts of attacks and it’s scary and, unfortunately, they aren’t going to realize that until it’s too late,” Nevers said.

When it comes to getting suspicious text messages or emails with links on them, he says you should never click on the link. If for some reason you do, call your provider right away.