DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — History United and Danville Civil Rights Trolley Tour worked together Thursday to highlight the city’s rich Civil Rights history.

It’s part of Averett’s seventh and final day of MLK Week 2020.

Leaders stressed Danville’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, pointing out several Green Book locations and venues that Martin Luther King, Jr. visited.

The tour’s guide said it’s uplifting to see so many younger participants aboard the tour.

“You know, so often we hear about the bad things, the bad side of Danville – crime, and all of those things. But we have a lot of things in this city to be proud of, and the history is one of them – our shared history and how we connect through this history,” said History United’s Karice Luck Brimmer.

Karice added that she hopes the tour will inspire everyone to achieve their full potential, especially given the extreme hardships some faced in the 1960s.