(WFXR) — Before you drag out the box labeled ‘ornaments’ this year, make sure you have a tree on which to hang your favorite dangly, shiny orbs of past Christmases.

The weekend after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year for Christmas tree vendors.

However, it may be a little more complicated than just heading to the corner Christmas tree lot this year due a shortage of trees.

Bad weather in some parts of the country and problems in transportation will mean less of a selection and higher prices for many this holiday season. You’re also likely to notice the greatest shortage in larger trees.

“Most tree lots that have anything will be out by mid-December. So if you really wanted a tree, I suggest you come way before the mid-December time,” advised Derrick Norris, a Christmas tree vendor.

Analysts predict a larger tree could cost as much as 30 percent more than it did last year — that is, if you can get one.

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