LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Hospitals in central Virginia are delaying some imaging procedures due to a significant supply shortage caused by coronavirus-related shutdowns in China.

According to Centra Health, the pandemic shutdowns in Shanghai, China resulted in a global shortage of intravenous contrast dye, which is used in procedures like enhanced X-rays, CT scans, and heart catherization. In fact, much of the nation’s supply of contrast media is manufactured in Shanghai.

The IV contrast shortage is reportedly expected to last through July.

“Hospitals worldwide are bracing for effects the shortage will have on patient care. Centra has activated a response to aggressively conserve supplies of IV contrast to mitigate the situation,” the healthcare organization said in a statement on Wednesday, May 11.

Centra Health says these efforts will require postponing certain elective imaging procedures until the supply chain issues has been resolved.

“Our focus will be to make every effort to have contrast for patients in critical need”, said Dr. Chris Lewis, senior vice president and chief clinical officer of Centra Health. “We continue to explore strategies, including utilizing other imaging technologies when we’re able to minimize disruptions for our patients, but understand this is a fluid situation across the nation.”

Health officials plan to directly notify any patients affected by this announcement to reschedule their procedures.