SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Va. (WFXR) — Ahoy matey! If you visited Smith Mountain Lake this weekend, hopefully you grabbed your hat and hook before you headed out to Pirate Days fun!

Pirate Days kept the lake busy with buccaneer-themed festivities from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17.

Many of Sunday’s events took place at Crazy Horse Marina, with some of the workers, like Cristhian Oliva, saying this year’s turnout was a welcome change from last year.

“People started coming out much more this year because we don’t have restrictions from COVID,” Oliva explained.

Even though this year’s Pirate Days had a great turnout, some aspects looked a little different this year in response to a change in Virginia law regarding balloons.

“We can’t have water balloons anymore. They made it a law that now you can’t throw water balloons and stuff, so that’s a lot different,” said Crazy Horse Marina dock attendant Hannah Ramey.

Despite that change, Pirate Days held water gun fights, live music, and even a pirate’s ball. In other words, there were still plenty of adventures for those looking to beat the heat at Smith Mountain Lake this weekend.

And of course, we can’t forget one of the most important elements of Pirate Days — pirates!

Ramey says people come from all over the country for the Pirate Days events, adding that seeing all those visitors together is her favorite part of the weekend.

Pirate Days wrapped up on Sunday with a performance from the band Phat Boyz. However, before the night ended, Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days Commodore P.J. Nagel told WFXR News that preparations for next year’s event are already in place, so he believes it will be even bigger than this year.