Amherst County High School to host teen driver safety event

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On May 16 and 17, Amherst County High School is hosting a teen driver safety event in partnership with Youth Of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safety (YOVASO) and Virginia State Police (VSP). 

From 7:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. on Thursday students will have the opportunity to drive a golf-cart simulator through a cones course while accompanied by a Virginia State Police trooper. The cones course is specifically designed to expose students to the serious dangers of all three forms of distracted driving: visual, manual and cognitive distraction. In addition, students will be introduced to the consequences of driving impaired through the use of “DUI goggles.” The goggles let the students, in a safe and controlled environment, witness the impact alcohol has on one’s driving ability and fine motor skills.

Students will also participate in ScanEd: Physics of a Crash which shows the dangers of unsafe driving and passenger behaviors. As part of the hands-on experience, a wrecked vehicle is set up on site and QR codes are affixed to it and various items surrounding the vehicle (such as a cell phone, beer can, seat belt, etc.). Students then use popular iPad and QR code technology to view educational and engaging videos depicting real-life consequences as a result of unsafe driving and unsafe passenger behaviors.

Preliminary data indicates 71 teens were killed in motor vehicle crashes in Virginia last year. With the high-risk warm weather months approaching YOVASO’s goal is to encourage teens to drive safely and more responsibly, and to prevent traffic fatalities.

To learn more about this program visit YOVASO’s website.

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