COVINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — Officer Caleb Ogilvie spent less than a year with the Covington Police Department before he lost his life in the line of duty on Monday, but prior to that, he spent nearly a decade serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corps on active duty and in the Reserves.

WFXR News’ Kylie Kidd spoke with Terry Riley, who served alongside Ogilvie in Iraq, about his memories of their time together. According to Riley, Ogilvie was the kind of Marine who never hesitated to volunteer for a mission.

“No matter what was going on around us, he always kept his cool and had a smile on his face,” Riley said.

Aside from smiling, Riley says he and Ogilvie laughed a lot. The two men got involved in a series of pranks, going back-and-forth the entire time they were deployed in Iraq.

According to Riley, he and another Marine had a “bright idea” to make a pool the size of a hot tub and dump a truck full of ice into it. Then, they dragged a sleeping Ogilvie to the pool and dropped him in it.

Even though he woke up in freezing water, Ogilvie was still laughing as the others jumped in to join him.

With the ball officially in Ogilvie’s court for this ongoing prank war, he did not disappoint.

“One day, I walked into my tent and he had actually had my bed taped all the way up to the roof, and he had it duct taped and tied to the roof,” Riley recalled with a grin. “That was a good one, he got me pretty good with that one, so I spent most of the night just trying to get my bed off the roof so that way I could sleep in it.”

Even once the Marines had returned, Riley says Ogilvie jumped at the chance to volunteer to hand out supplies and help with cleanup efforts after a tropical storm hit North Carolina.

According to the former Marine, Ogilvie’s biggest passion was serving people, so Riley wasn’t shocked at all when Ogilvie decided to become a police officer.

“He loved serving his community, and he became a police officer, something that a lot of us in the military, after the military, people want to continue doing that and serving their community and that’s a great way to do it and he was perfect for it,” Riley said.

When asked about Ogilvie’s family life, Riley told WFXR News he didn’t get the chance to meet Ogilvie’s wife or children.

“Thinking back and thinking about the kind of person he was, I’d only imagine he’d be one of the greatest dads ever,” Riley replied through his tears.

The Covington Police Department shared a link to a “Fund the First” fundraiser, with a goal of raising $50,000 for Ogilvie’s family. You can make an online donation by clicking here.