COVINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — Monday’s shooting at Covington Farm and Fuel left three dead, including an employee of the gas station.

Virginia State Police say 42-year-old Toney S. Poulston Jr. entered a Covington Farm and Fuel along North Alleghany Avenue at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 14. Poulston then got into a “domestic situation” with a relative working at the store — identified as 64-year-old Randall Lee Paxton — and ended up shooting him.

When Covington and Alleghany County authorities responded to the incident at the gas station, they saw an armed Poulston leaving the store. Shots were fired, leading to the death of Poulston and Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie.

Friends of Paxton told WFXR News that he and his family were kind and loving, with a great sense of humor and a “hello” for everyone.

His employer and childhood friend, JW Tingler, has known Paxton for 65 years.

“This community will miss him, I will miss him, and most of all his wife will miss him very much,” said Tingler.

Covington Farm and Fuel is delivering donations to Paxton’s wife. Monetary donations can be made in-store or by phone at 540-962-1983. You can also drop off flowers and other gifts at the store.