COVINGTON, Va. (WFXR) — Tuesday, March 14, marks one year since the death of Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie. He died less than a year after joining the force while responding to a shooting.

“This whole year has been remarkable to show the outpouring I’ve gotten from the community,” said Police Chief Christopher Smith.

Officer Ogilvie was a marine who worked with Fire and EMS before joining the Covington Police Department. Chief Smith says first responders, city officials, and family came together early Tuesday for a small private memorial at the officer’s graveside.

“I remember specifically that day, the last time I got to see Caleb,” said the Chief in an interview later in the day. “That particular day, he shaved his beard, he had a mustache he didn’t plan on staying with. He was playing a joke on his wife that day.”

Chief Smith recalls the memory with a laugh and says Officer Ogilvie’s friends and colleagues remember him for his sense of humor.

“He was just a jokester,” he said.

However, he adds that Officer Ogilvie was also devoted to his country and community and will always be remembered for paying the ultimate sacrifice to protect his city that day last March.

“His name will be etched within this community for the rest of the existence of the city of Covington,” Chief Smith said.