ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — One Alleghany Highland Public Schools (AHPS) student is making her mark through art.

Nicole Frye was a former student at Covington High School but she is now a rising junior at Alleghany and won first place in the Virginia School Boards Association’s (VSBA) Blue Ridge Regional Art Contest. Her winning piece, “Salvation,” illustrates a face being held in hands in high contrast.

The person in the piece appears to be in anguish. The title of the work leaves viewers to depict if the person is searching for salvation, or if they are overwhelmed by emotion after finding salvation.

“Salvation” by Nicole Frye (Photo courtesy: Alleghany Highland Public Schools)

Art pieces from 7th grader Isabella McCallister from Jeter-Watson Elementary School, and 5th grader Case Brown from Sharon Elementary School were also featured in the VSBA competition. The entries were judged at an event for school board members from throughout the Blue Ridge region.

“I have been honored to work with Nicole the past two years, she is a very talented young artist. It is so exciting to watch her create, as lifelike images full of emotion appear on the page. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her as she continues to hone her craft and develop her talents,” said Heather Brooks, an art teacher at Covington High School.

Nicole’s work was recently featured at the Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center’s student art exhibit.

“The school board is extremely proud of Nicole’s win in the regional contest. She is a very talented young lady and we wish her all the best as her piece goes on to the next stage of the contest. We look forward to her progression as she moves through her high school career,” said Jacob Wright, chair of the Alleghany Highlands School Board.

Nicole Fyre (Photo Courtesy: Alleghany Highland Public School)