A family shocked and angered about a prison sentence for the suspect who alleged killed their son

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Pictures around Scarlette Clarkson’s house of her boyfriend of more that four years, Kendall Wallace are constant reminders of the person he used to be.

“He was always the life of the party, he always had a smile on his face,” said Scarlette Clarkson, Kendall Wallace’s girlfriend.

A life cut too short when he was shot and killed outside of Benny’s in downtown Roanoke.

On Wednesday, friends and family were shocked when they found out K.P.’s alleged murder, Adrian Simmons was taking a plea deal and plead guilty to one count voluntary man slaughter with a sentence of ten years in jail.

“To be so malicious and pull out a weapon and murder someone like that should carry a lot more time,” said Scarlette Clarkson, Kendall Wallace’s girlfriend.

“Anyone who resorts to gun violence, needs to be punished but by the same token, we were not willing to risk him going free,” said  John McNeil, Roanoke City Commonwealth Attorneys’ Office.

John McNeil who prosecuted this case for the City of Roanoke says there were important pieces missing from the case.

“In this case there were three very key witnesses who were with Kendall Wallace. Who I would assume were friends with Kendall Wallace  and even with all that would not cooperate so that makes these prosecutions very tough,” said  John McNeil, Roanoke City Commonwealth Attorneys’ Office.

Standup: “Scarlette K.P.’s girlfriend says that she was there for that fatal incident back in April and says that she was willing to testify as a witness in court.”

“Promised me over the process of having to relive it over and over and over with them that some good would come of it you know,” said Scarlette Clarkson, Kendall Wallace’s girlfriend.

K.P.’s family says with this conviction, they realize no amount of time served will ever bring him back, but they say ten years is not enough.

“We’re going to run into this guy at the grocery store or our children could run into him on the basketball court, you know anywhere and that’s disgusting and it’s a smack in the face,” said Scarlette Clarkson, Kendall Wallace’s girlfriend.

K.P.’s mother was too emotional to speak on camera, but her daughter and son say she has this message to share with other mothers in the area.

“I know justice will be served under God’s eyes. For the most part, I pray me and all the other mothers in Roanoke who have lost a child to gun violence. To all mothers here in Roanoke, hug your child today, like you will never see them again, because I’m not the first mother to lose a child and I won’t be the last,” said Shavon Wallace, Kendall’s Sister.

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