UPDATE 4:28 p.m.: Campbell County Department of Public Safety reported that all services have been restored.

The department says you can dial 911 for an emergency, for non-emergencies call (434) 332-9574.

UPDATE 1:01 p.m.: Several law enforcement and emergency management agencies in southwest and central Virginia say 911 lines are back up following reports of a multi-state 911 outage on Thursday.

Rockbridge County Fire-Rescue and Emergency Management says Rockbridge County 911 lines are back up. That includes Lexington and Buena Vista.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office also says CenturyLink has repaired the cut fiber line, so the phones at the sheriff’s office are back in service.

Carroll County Emergency Management and the Galax Police Department say you can also call 911 from any phone since the CenturyLink network issue has been resolved.

Meanwhile, Wythe County officials say the county’s E-911 Dispatch Center has started to receive some calls from landlines and cell phones.

“You can call 911 services if you have an emergency,” stated Elizabeth Sweeney, Wythe County’s Public Information Officer. “If your call does not go through, text 911. Text to 911 is a permanent service Wythe County offers to help people in crisis.”

Wythe County has also asked members of fire and rescue stations to be on standby in case someone goes directly to the stations for help.

Halifax County E911 says their emergency and non-emergency phone services have been restored, so residents may not call 911 for emergencies and (434) 476-3334.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management says the fiber cut in North Carolina Thursday morning may be impacting about 30 911 centers in central, Southside, and southwest Virginia. While some local services have been restored, there is no estimate on when all services will be completely restored.

(WFXR) — At least nine counties and three cities in southwest and central Virginia are reporting outages or call issues with their 911 lines Thursday.

Rockbridge County Fire-Rescue and Emergency Management says this appears to be part of a multi-state 911 outage and is asking community members to call (540) 572-4200 or text 911 in case of an emergency. This also impacts the 911 systems in Lexington and Buena Vista.

In Buena Vista, the city’s phone system is also down, so if you need immediate assistance, you are asked to email dwheeler@bvcity.org.

In Campbell County, the Department of Public Safety says all service to the county’s E-911 and non-emergency phone lines has been disrupted.

If you are experiencing an emergency in Campbell County, you are asked to text 911 or call (434) 215-9985 or (434) 219-9240 instead.

Campbell County officials plan to notify the public once service is restored for 911 and other public safety phone lines.

Meanwhile, Wythe County officials say both Wythe County and nearby counties are experiencing issues with landline and cell phone calls, which is impacting 911 service.

“If you need immediate help, text 911,” stated Elizabeth Sweeney, Wythe County Public Information Officer. “All you have to do is enter 911 as the recipient. You can text your location and emergency to get first responders out to you.”

Wythe County is currently working with phone providers to try to fix this problem.

According to Galax city officials, CenturyLink is experiencing a network issue impacting 911 in Galax, Grayson County, and Carroll County. If you have an emergency in any of these localities, you are asked to try calling 911 from a landline, dialing (276) 920-4391, or texting 911.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office says CenturyLink is working to repair a fiber cut in the Marion area. Authorities estimate the phone lines will be restored in two to three hours.

The Halifax County Rescue Squad also says the county’s dispatch system is down due to a fiber cut, so if you need to get in touch with dispatch, call (434) 579-2870 or text 911.

The Halifax County outage also impacts the South Boston dispatch.

According to the Red House Volunteer Fire Department, this fiber optic line cut is impacting 911 service in Charlotte County. For Red House residents in Charlotte County, you are asked to call (434) 542-5141 or (434) 542-5152 in case of emergencies.

The Patrick County Sheriff’s Office says the CenturyLink issue is impacting 911 calls throughout Virginia, including Patrick County. Callers who get a fast busy signal when dialing 911 should call the sheriff’s office’s administration line at (276) 694-3161. Callers may also get routed to another county if they don’t get a busy signal.

Meanwhile, Amherst County officials say a fiber cut in North Carolina “may be impacting 911 calls in Amherst County.” Residents are asked to use land lines when possible.

However, Appomattox County, Bedford County, and Botetourt County first responders have confirmed their dispatches are not impacted by these 911 outages.

According to the Bland County Sheriff’s Office, they are having issues with their phone service because of a fiber line being cut, so they are asking people to call 911 in case of emergencies.

This is a developing story.

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