10-year-old hit by pickup truck, injured on Christmas Eve

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A 10-year-old boy was hit by a truck and hurt on Christmas Eve and police say the driver will not be charged. 

According to police, the boy was hit at the intersection of 29th Street NW and Salem Turnpike NW in Roanoke on December 24. 

The investigation reveals that a pickup truck was driving north, when police said the 10-year-old walked out into the road, “from behind a parked car where the truck was unable to stop and struck the juvenile.”

The boy was taken to the hospital, his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. 

According to the boy’s mother Niki Metcalf, the street her son was trying to cross is one that children cross all the time to play basketball at the church across the street, they also cross the street to catch the bus in the morning.

Metcalf describes the day it happened as a day where kids were playing outside across the street from where they live on Christmas Eve.

It’s a typical site to see kids play in an open field across from Shenandoah Village Apartments at a basketball court and on the sidewalk near it. 

But on Monday, playtime was cut short. 

“You know how the wheels screech on the ground,” Robert Teonfunk, who lives nearby said about the moment a pickup truck collided with a boy. 

“He looked like he was paralyzed and couldn’t move.”

For 11-year-old Robert, who’s mother gave us permission to talk to him, it seemed like 10-year-old Makhi Martin, who was hit, was paralyzed. 

To Makhi’s parents, their son’s condition appeared much worse initially.  

“I seen my son down. I thought he was dead in the middle of the road and not moving,” said Rajohn Metcalf. 

He had a concussion and the scars to prove it.

“His forehead was completely swollen. He had hematoma on his forehead real bad.  The eye was swollen completely shut,” said Niki Metcalf. 

Makhi is home from the hospital but he’s been on this couch since Christmas.

Rajohn and Niki Metcalf explained that they feel 29th street is dangerous. While the complex warns of children playing this street isn’t so kid-friendly. 

Rajohn Metcalf feels there need to be lights or signs so the children can cross safely. 

The Metcalf’s hope their Christmas eve experience does not become someone else’s.

“My son made it, the next child might not make it,” she said. 

The driver who police said hit Makhi remained on scene and police said no charges will be filed. 

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