(WFXR) – A shooting that took the life of Orlando journalist Dylan Lyons is bringing back memories of a local reporter and photographer who were killed during a live shot in 2015.

After Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot to death, Parker’s father became an advocate against gun violence and violence depicted on social media.

Parker responded to the recent shooting on Twitter yesterday, calling out the NRA and Republicans and saying the U.S. needs stricter gun legislation.

Today, he spoke with WFXR News, saying he was devastated after hearing the news about Lyons.

“This one was particularly tough, the similarities between this young man [and Alison]. Alison was killed when she was 24, this young man was 24,” he said.

He says every shooting brings back memories of the day he lost his daughter.

“You and I shouldn’t be having these conversations like this, I mean really it’s long past time for us to do something,” he told WFXR News.

Lyons’ sister has started a Go Fund Me for his funeral, saying the young reporter “was a happy soul and wonderful person in life.”