Virginia EMS agencies to be offered lifesaving tools for pediatric patients


RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — All emergency medical services agencies in Virginia will be offered lifesaving tools for pediatric patients.

The Virginia Department of Health’s (VDH) Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) says it will now offer lifesaving tools from Handtevy — a national leader in pediatric emergency technology — to EMS agencies in the Commonwealth.

 “The Virginia Office of EMS is very excited to enter into this collaboration with Virginia’s Regional EMS Councils and Handtevy to bring this technology to the EMS system,” said Gary Brown, director of the Virginia Office of EMS. “Giving pediatric patients the highest level of treatment and transport has always been a priority for our office, and this collaboration will serve to enhance that level of treatment now, and in the future.”

According to a statement released by the VDH on Wednesday, Jan. 5, the Handtevy system will help state EMS agencies give more high-quality care. In addition, Handtevy’s educational courses will be offered to agencies as the technology is rolled out.

Handtevy Mobile will be put on cellular devices such as tablets and cellphones, “putting crucial, lifesaving technology at the EMS team’s fingertips,” the VDH said.

With the education offered by Handtevy combined with the mobile application, front-line emergency workers will be able to quickly access medication dosing for pediatric emergencies and seamlessly crossover the information to the patient’s electronic health record, according to the department.

Handtevy Mobile features a CPR Assist function that leads EMS teams through the CPR process by giving auditory and visual cues to ensure compression, ventilation, and defibrillation are performed properly. Health officials say this unique feature is particularly helpful for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests for both children and adults.

“In pediatric emergency situations, seconds count and leading EMS departments count on Handtevy to help them save lives,” the VDH stated. “Virginia’s decision to utilize Handtevy across the Commonwealth as their go-to, frontline, lifesaving tool will undoubtedly lead to many additional lives saved each year.”

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