ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – The National Federation estimates that Trick-or-Treaters from around the country will bring home an estimated $4 billion worth of candy during the night of Halloween. Although some candy will be eaten, others will stick around for a long time the question is, how long will Halloween candy be safe?

“That could be anywhere from six to nine to 12 months,” said the Director of Virginia Tech’s Food Assistance Network Melissa Wright. “Just depending on what the ingredients are.”

According to Wright, most candy should be around for nine months. She says that chocolate is going to oxidize a little longer, meaning that the fat contained in the chocolate changes into other substances. This leads to the chocolate creating an unappealing smell and it starts to go bad.

Wright says jelly-based products might break down based on the quality of the ingredients.

Homemade treats such as rice crispy treats, fudge, and candy apples are a little different. Since they do not have natural preservatives, these types of sweets are only expected to last for four to seven days.