HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Looking to shop local and in-person again? Spring is nearly here and local farmer’s markets are beginning to open as COVID-19 cases continue to decrease.

While the pandemic is on the decline, shoppers are now feeling more comfortable to get out of their homes and support small businesses.

Heritage Station in Huntington was buzzing Saturday morning as the “Second Saturday Market” reopened for the season. For many of the artisans, this was the first in=person event they’ve been a part of since the pandemic began.

“Little Town Leather” owner George Wait says seeing people face-to-face again is a welcome sight.

That alone is better than all the money I could make today. Just being able to network with other people and share my business.

George Wait, Little Town Leather owner

Hosted by the Red Caboose and Nomada bakery, the outdoor market features local artisans’ work like handmade jewelry, clothing, unique artwork, and so much more.

Red Caboose manager Raine Klover says they felt this was the right time to encourage everyone to come out and shop.

You know, we’ve all been kind of trapped in our houses with our little circles of friends, so it’s really nice for people to be able to get out and interact with each other as a community.

Raine Klover, Reb Caboose manager

The outdoor market will be held on the second Saturday of every month outside of the Heritage Station and Visitors Center.

For more information on future events, click here.