LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Studies suggest many kids and teens put on a few pounds during the quarantine period. According to the United Health Foundation, obesity rates in Virginia have risen by more than five percent for children between the ages of 10 and 17.

A Lynchburg non-profit organization is looking to help by offering another fitness option for kids.

Carroll Moon founded KidFit in Lynchburg to offer free training for kids six to 18 years old. Their focus is speed, age-appropriate strength, and agility.

Moon says he sees Kidfit kids standing out when it comes to sports performance.

“We have lead athletes as well as kids coming off the couch from playing video games, all working together with the training that’s appropriate for them,” said Moon. “With COVID, there’s been a lot of kids who don’t leave the house at all, and they aren’t getting physical activity. If they’re not in school, they’re not getting P.E.”

Thirteen-year-old Matthew Moreno goes twice a week for strength training. He also plays soccer in Campbell County.

“It definitely made me stronger. It helped in certain situations,” said Matthew.

Matthew’s mother, Alex Moreno, is a teacher and stresses the importance of students staying active, especially after the pandemic. She says P.E. classes were held online, so many students got used to lack of exercise.

“There were long days. Sometimes they have to be in front of the Chromebook for many hours,” Alex explained. “It was more like Health, they called it Health, learning about body parts and functions.”

According to Alex, one of the best ways to keep students active is to put it in their daily schedules, and make it a fun activity that will do more than just promote health.

“It’s less about the sports and more about the things that sports teach — work ethic, teamwork, grit,” said Moon.

Kidfit trainers consist of former and current athletic coaches.

Their training facility is located on McConville Road in Lynchburg.

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