UPDATE 3:36 p.m.: Starting Friday, health officials say that residents of the Central Virginia Health District can expect to see changes to the coronavirus case numbers reported on the VDH virus dashboard, resulting in a decrease of approximately 700 cases that were previously listed in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties.

“The amendments stem from a process change that caused approximately 700 negative tests to be submitted as positive from Centra,” said Dr. Lindsey Lockewood, public information officer and population health manager of the Central Virginia Health District. “When the issue was identified, Centra and CVHD worked collaboratively to resolve the discrepancy.”

According to a statement released on Friday by the health district, the VDH, and Centra Health, the data error will affect COVID-19 cases reported from Sept. 1 through Sept. 8. However, the data reported after that period will not be impacted.

“Once the discrepancy was identified, we immediately corrected and validated the numbers,” said Diane Ludwig, Centra vice president and public information officer. “Now, we have enhanced our validation process to ensure the same uploading issue won’t happen again.”

Health officials stated that this was a data uploading error, which means the people who were tested were given the correct positive or negative test results.

RICHMOND, Va. (WFXR) — The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reported 2,886 new COVID-19 cases and 48 new virus-related deaths on Friday morning, which brings the Commonwealth’s total coronavirus count up to 849,865 confirmed and probable cases and 12,511 confirmed and probable deaths.

Virginia health officials confirmed 636,958 cases and 10,564 deaths are related to the virus as of Friday, Sept. 24. However, 212,907 cases and 1,947 deaths are still reported as “probable.”

Health officials reported 2,886 new COVID-19 cases, 85 new virus-related hospitalizations, and 48 new virus-related deaths around the Commonwealth between Sept. 23, 2021 and Sept. 24, 2021. (Photo: Courtesy Virginia Department of Health)

According to VDH’s Friday update, more than 132,000 cases have been reported from the following localities in southwest and central Virginia:

  • Alleghany County: 1,883 cases, 79 hospitalizations, and 61 deaths
  • Amherst County: 4,012 cases (-53), 191 hospitalizations (-1), and 48 deaths
  • Appomattox County: 2,177 cases (-10), 102 hospitalizations, and 33 deaths
  • Bath County: 402 cases, 14 hospitalizations, and 14 deaths
  • Bedford County: 8,955 cases, 337 hospitalizations, and 121 deaths
  • Bland County: 983 cases, 41 hospitalizations, and 12 deaths
  • Botetourt County: 3,336 cases, 84 hospitalizations, and 39 deaths
  • Buena Vista: 1,116 cases, 30 hospitalizations, and 22 deaths
  • Campbell County: 6,506 cases (-23), 296 hospitalizations (-1), and 121 deaths
  • Carroll County: 3,461 cases254 hospitalizations, and 84 deaths
  • Charlotte County: 1,137 cases (-2), 73 hospitalizations, and 22 deaths
  • Covington: 711 cases, 33 hospitalizations, and 14 deaths
  • Craig County: 464 cases, 19 hospitalizations, and 6 deaths
  • Danville: 5,707 cases (-19), 346 hospitalizations, and 167 deaths
  • Floyd County: 1,251 cases, 42 hospitalizations, and 24 deaths
  • Franklin County: 5,430 cases, 231 hospitalizations, and 91 deaths
  • Galax: 1,418 cases, 113 hospitalizations, and 56 deaths
  • Giles County: 1,991 cases, 72 hospitalizations, and 25 deaths
  • Grayson County: 1,872 cases, 119 hospitalizations, and 43 deaths
  • Halifax County: 3,454 cases, 134 hospitalizations (-1), and 91 deaths
  • Henry County: 5,832 cases, 409 hospitalizations, and 137 deaths
  • Highland County: 159 cases, 2 hospitalizations, and 1 death
  • Lexington: 1,461 cases, 31 hospitalizations, and 33 deaths
  • Lynchburg: 10,851 cases (-172), 419 hospitalizations (-1), and 167 deaths
  • Martinsville: 1,889 cases183 hospitalizations, and 85 deaths
  • Montgomery County: 11,117 cases, 237 hospitalizations, and 88 deaths
  • Nelson County: 1,197 cases, 52 hospitalizations, and 16 deaths
  • Patrick County: 1,826 cases, 129 hospitalizations, and 50 deaths
  • Pittsylvania County: 7,210 cases, 325 hospitalizations, and 98 deaths (-1)
  • Pulaski County: 3,634 cases, 169 hospitalizations, and 75 deaths
  • Radford: 2,758 cases, 45 hospitalizations, and 29 deaths
  • Roanoke City: 10,941 cases, 301 hospitalizations, and 215 deaths
  • Roanoke County: 10,627 cases, 227 hospitalizations, and 153 deaths
  • Rockbridge County: 1,917 cases, 67 hospitalizations, and 51 deaths
  • Salem: 2,958 cases, 84 hospitalizations, and 55 deaths
  • Wythe County: 3,956 cases, 202 hospitalizations, and 87 deaths

**items in bold indicate new cases, hospitalizations, and/or deaths from previous weekday’s totals**

Since Thursday, Sept. 24, the VDH reported 88 new coronavirus cases in Franklin County, 69 in Roanoke County, 57 in Roanoke City, 54 in Henry County, 51 in Montgomery County, 34 in Wythe County, 32 in Pulaski County, 25 in Salem, 24 in Botetourt County, 24 in Giles County, 19 in Carroll County, 18 in Radford, 16 in Floyd County, 14 in Covington, 12 in Rockbridge County, nine in Alleghany County, eight in Grayson County, eight in Lexington, six in Buena Vista, five in Highland County, five in Martinsville, four in Galax, four in Halifax County, four in Patrick County, four in Pittsylvania County, two in Bath County, and two in Bland County.

In addition, of the 48 new virus-related deaths related on Friday, health officials say one is from Alleghany County, one is from Bedford County, one is from Danville, one is from Franklin County, one is from Giles County, one is from Patrick County, and one is from Roanoke City.

The department has received 36,132 total records of confirmed and probable virus-related hospitalizations around Virginia as of Friday, which is 85 more hospitalizations than VDH reported on Thursday.

Of these newly-reported hospitalizations from Friday, four are from Grayson County, three are from Alleghany County, three are from Carroll County, two are from Galax, two are from Wythe County, one is from Bedford County, one is from Franklin County, one is from Giles County, one is from Martinsville, one is from Montgomery County, one is from Pittsylvania County, and one is from Rockbridge County.

However, between Thursday and Friday, the VDH reported 172 less cases and one less hospitalization in Lynchburg, 53 less cases and one less hospitalization in Amherst County, 46 less cases in Bedford County, 23 less cases and one less hospitalization in Campbell County, 19 less cases in Danville, 10 less cases in Appomattox County, two less cases in Charlotte County, one less hospitalization in Halifax County, and one less death in Pittsylvania County.

Health officials added a statement Friday to the VDH dashboard saying that a facility in the Central Virginia Health District — which covers Lynchburg, as well as Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell counties — incorrectly reported 700 positive COVID-19 cases on Sept. 8.

As a result, a decrease in the number of cases reported by the VDH is expected for localities in and around the Central Virginia Health District. In fact, on Friday alone, the department reported 304 less cases from that health district.

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