Consumer Reports releases wrapping paper safety for children


(Photo courtesy: AP)

(WFXR) — The presents have been ripped open and the wrapping paper tossed possibly on the floor. However before little Tommy or Susie reaches for the holiday wrapping paper, Consumer Reports has some tips to keep the little ones safe.

Consumer Reports say it is best to throw away the wrapping paper. Gifts come with wrapping paper, strings, ribbons, and bows. These items make it easy for toddlers to put a ribbon around the neck, a plastic bag over the head, or a paper in the mouth while the parents are distracted.

Never throw wrapping paper into the fire. According to Consumer Reports, wrapping paper burns rapidly and it can create a flash fire. On top of that, the inks used may contain heavy metal compounds and metallic materials, posing a risk with even the smallest amount released into the air when burned.

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