LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — One ice cream man is helping Lynchburg cool off this summer the good old fashioned way.

People call him ‘Pops,’ but his real name is Robert Jacobs. He bought his authentic 1967 ice cream truck in January, fulfilling his post-retirement dream to give kids the classic experience he had in his own childhood.

Jacobs began selling $1 popsicles and other simple treats last month by driving around Lynchburg in a vintage uniform, complete with a bow tie.

“This makes kids happy. It makes me happy, and it makes older people think back to maybe a different time,” said Jacobs.

He says the best part is when older folks visit his truck and tell him about the memories it brings back.

If you want to find out when Pop’s Ice Cream will be in your area, you can find his contact info on his Facebook page.