ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — It wasn’t a typical 911 call, but one that ended with a healthy baby girl being delivered on the side of the road thanks to the calm voice and instruction a Roanoke County dispatcher was able to provide to a couple who went into labor.

The Roanoke County E-911 Center says the early morning call came in from a soon-to-be mother and father as they headed to the hospital on Nov. 28.

Sienna, one of the 911 center’s communications training officers, answered the call and told the couple to pull over to the side of the road so the ambulance could find them more easily and provide the necessary medical care.

While the parents-to-be were waiting on the ambulance, officials say Sienna talked them through the process on the phone, which led to the successful delivery of their baby girl before the ambulance arrived.

“Sienna was able to be the calm voice they needed, and provided them with child birth instructions over the phone. And while she feels that she was just doing her job, we are very proud of the compassion and care that she showed as well as the assistance in the delivery of a healthy baby girl,” the Roanoke County E-911 Center posted on social media on Friday, Dec. 17. “Some people wonder if they make a difference in their jobs, it is times like this, that we don’t need to wonder. As a 9-1-1 dispatcher, we know that we make a difference.”