MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Anna Dravland, the founder of Spread Goodness Day, has dedicated her life to spreading goodness, and is now in need of your help to continue with her mission.

“I started Spread Goodness Day and developed it in 2017. To create something that allows the community to engage together and support many nonprofits and businesses and individuals all together all at once in whatever way they want to show how powerful we are to change the world every day with simple actions,” said Dravland.

Since the beginning, a movement to spread goodness has also presented personal challenges for Dravland.

“I actually launched the event on October 28, 2017. And I two weeks later suffered a massive stroke that was disabling and when I was paralyzed, and I could not speak or remember my name, my last name or identify a picture of a cat. So, it was it was completely disabling. I lost my career and my ability to work.”

Since then, Dravland has undergone multiple surgeries and has been diagnosed with rare, chronic conditions that affect her health. Now, after spending years encouraging others to give back to their community, she needs the community to help her continue to spread goodness.

“Spread Goodness Day is so, it’s so important to me that I can’t explain it and it’s brought me so much healing and so much happiness and kept me engaged in the community in a way that I can’t anymore. And it relies on you it always has it. I’ve always been just the invitation and the invitation to participate and spread and stay put on some shades. They don’t have to be ours. We’re making the future bright. Let’s go. That’s all it was. You do something not me, you. So, but now I’m asking you to come help me.”

Volunteers, board members, fundraising, or social media — whatever your gift, Dravland needs hands and hearts to take action. Without the support of people on the local level, Spread Goodness Day could lose its non-profit status.

“This is the hardest thing ever to tell people personally that I’m not capable of doing something and saying I’m going to lose something if you don’t help me but that’s the truth and I don’t want to lose it. So, the only option I have is to ask for help.”

If you would like to help Dravland continue her mission of spreading goodness, check out the volunteer opportunities on