The American Red Cross have been collecting snacks and  toiletry items  for  troops and  veterans  for many years.   They started  as holiday program and then started  sending  items to  deployed  National Guard soldiers year round many years ago. The USA has a number of  troops deployed and many  are in rural  areas across the world, and the American Red Cross uses those donations to help build morale of the brave men and women serving overseas.  They can’t just run to the store to pick up basic necessities, so the Red Cross is there to help. It lets the troops know that the  folks in Virginia  are thinking about them.

Spokesperson for the Service to Armed Forces Committee of the American Red Cross, Patti Wilson explains the process:

Many of the snacks being collected until next week will go to support troop movements at local military installations in Virginia.  We have Red Cross volunteers posted across installations in several locations to support thousands of service members during troop movements.  As a service member processes through the line, he/she is given a holiday card, coffee, hot chocolate, bottles of water and a snack. Most of this activity happens overnight.

 Much of what is collected the snacks being collected until the end of next week, December 16th.

Items you may wish to send are,

Some of the most requested items include:

Rice Krispy treats
Slim Jims
Beef Jerky
Pop Tarts
Granola Bars
Canned meats/tuna
Bagged chips/pretzels/popcorn/peanuts

Give what you can, and you can drop off the items at the American Red Cross Center in Roanoke at 352 Church Ave. SW.

Go to for more information.