ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — First Baptist Church of Roanoke and Sleep in Heavenly Peace teamed up on Saturday to sand, stain, and screw together wooden beds for underprivileged children in the Roanoke area.

“We find kids that are sleeping on the floor or, for some reason or another, they don’t have a bed of their own. We find those situations and we use volunteers to build them a bed,” said David Jones, chapter president of Sleep in Heavenly Peace Roanoke.

According to Jones, the group has delivered 650 beds to kids in the Roanoke Valley community since the start of the program.

“When we deliver a bed, it’s these components that you see here. We bring in the headboard; we bring in the side rails, the safety rails; we put down a brand new mattress; we put down brand new sheets, brand new pillow, brand new comforters,” Jones explained.

A group of roughly 40 volunteers were able to make about 30 beds on Saturday, July 30.

“First Baptist of Roanoke is our sponsor and they put up the money for us to buy the lumber and also the money for us to buy the mattresses,” said Jones.

The Minister of young adults at First Baptist Church, Patrick Lawrence, says the church’s theme this year is putting your faith in action.

“It’s a great reward to see the child get into his bed for the first time,” Jones told WFXR News. “A lot of times, it could be four o’clock in the afternoon, they’re ready to go to bed right then!”

Jones says that they have community builds where anyone is welcome to come out and help. To see a list of upcoming events, visit Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s website.