DANVILLE, Va. (WFXR) – The campus of Averett University in Danville was a-buzz last week as students, faculty, staff. community members and various organizations came together to back 20,000 meals in the University’s Carrington Gym.

Volunteers create assembly lines to fill 20,000 meals to be donated to God’s Storehouse. (Image courtesy of Averett University).

Together, more than 100 volunteers assembled oatmeal packets from Harvest Pack that were in turn donated to God’s Storehouse, a local food bank in Danville, through eight assembly lines.

“We call these hunger projects or meal packing events. One, hunger is a problem that never goes away. Second, the student engagement is so important because they get to impact someone’s life that they never get to see.”

Brad Fleming, Partnerships Manager at Harvest Pack

The event was Harvest Pack’s first visit to Averett University since January of 2020.

Harvest Pack was founded in 2012 and has packed over eight million meals.

In the Dan River Region, they estimate over 60,000 meals have been assembled and distributed.

Last Thursday, three tables were used in each assembly line where to start, a volunteer held an oatmeal bag under a funnel while another poured a scoop of oatmeal into it. That was followed by a level scoop of sugar and cinnamon before a second scoop of oatmeal was added. Then, red bins would fill with the open bags before going to the next station where bags were placed on a scale to meet certain weight criteria before being sealed and moved to the final station where the meals were lined and boxed for distribution.

By 12 p.m., 12,000 meals were assembled by all eight assembly lines.

Just 15 minutes later, total meals had reached 15,000.

Just before 1 p.m., the assembly goal of 20,000 meals was met.

Volunteers helped to pack 20,000 meals to be donated to God’s Storehouse. (Image courtesy of Averett University).

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