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Are you looking to get away, maybe to the Caribbean? No need to hop on a plane, take a trip downtown Roanoke that’s where you’ll Caribbica Soul.

“I describe Caribbica Soul as international cuisine,” said Arton Williams, Co-owner of Caribbica Soul.

(Photo: Hazelmarie Anderson/WFXR)

The global seasonings and comfort of soul food are just two of the reasons people keep coming back.

That is Mr. Williams is talking about his wife and co-owner, Chef Love.

(Photo: Hazelmarie Anderson/WFXR)

“She says, you gotta cook with a lot of love. You have to love what you’re doing because the people gonna taste, taste the love you put in the food,” said Williams.

Mr. Williams was born in Balize and met Joanne also known as Chef Love years ago in New York.

“Growing up in the Bronx, met a beautiful American young lady and we used to exchange food ideas,” said Williams. “As teenagers, we both liked the food and said when we get older, we should combine the soul food and the Caribbean food together and make it one package.”

The rest was history. The two moved to Roanoke and decided to share the fusion of their cultures with The Star City.

(Photo courtesy: Caribbica Soul)

“Visitors, they never tried red snapper, and to watch people for the first time eating a red snapper makes me feel good to be a part of that journey for them,” shared Williams.

Swimming through the Caribbean cuisine you’ll find more than fish.

“My favorite thing on the menu, I really love the jerk chicken,” said Williams.

That jerk chicken is bursting with flavor, and if you’re feeling curious, try the oxtails or goat meat.

“A lot of people aren’t so used to goat meat and the oxtails,” said Williams. “To actually see the expression on their face to say, man, I’ve been waiting all this time and finally taste this and say this is very good!”

Caribbica Soul is more than just the food when you enter the restaurant, it is a whole feeling.

“Give them a vibe and an experience because the food will be gone after they eat, but the experience stays a lifetime,” said Williams.

From the island decorations to the music, live or Caribbean beats make waves through the speakers. All are designed with a purpose.

“Music brings people together as much as food brings them together,” said Williams.