Fans are betting on more than the Super Bowl score


Even more thrilling than the game itself is betting that goes down in Vegas every year. Most people placing their bets on the game alone, but the Super Bowl comes with what they call proposition bets, which are much more off the wall.

There are over 51 prop bets for fans to put money one, even one regarding the length of Luke Bryan’s National Anthem. Luke Bryan himself said, “There is no telling how long I go, I may go out there and think I may be about to pass out and need to get this thing over quick.”

So in the spirit of the Super Bowl, we wanted to have a little fun and see fans what in Houston would do if they were putting money down in Vegas.

Length of Luke Bryan’s National Anthem at 2 minutes 15 seconds?

The answers we got included: “I’m going under, under.”, “Luke Bryan is in and out, he’s quick, you know.”, “I like Luke Bryan and I need him to take his time so I can get that visual.”,”Over, over, way over for sure.”

How many times announcers will say “deflategate”?

Answers?  “I’m taking the over by 10.”, “Goodell’s not going to let anyone talk about that.”, “Just pray that that is never mentioned again.”, “It’s going to be over, but I’d like to say over.”, “I heard Joe Buck yesterday and he did an interview and he said he’s saying it one time and that’s it.”

What color Gatorade will be dumped over the winning coach’s head?

Fans are saying, “Blue or Red.”, “It’s going to be red.”, “Blue”, “I think orange, I go orange.”, “It’s most definitely going to be red.”, “Yellow.”, “I’ll go with lime.”, “”Blue. Blue, always blue”,”In Phoenix it was blue.”, “I’m going to go with the Tang Orange, for 100.”

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?

It might be: “The owner.”, “Teammates.”, “God.”, “Family, then God”.

We got a lot of different answers, and if people make bets like these, Vegas is expecting to make a lot of money today.

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