(WDVM) — More schools have joined Virginia Tech in freezing tuition rates for the fall.

Virginia Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Virginia Military Institute, the University of Mary Washington, Longwood University, and Old Dominion University joined the list within the last week.

Virginia Tech started the trend when it froze tuition levels back in June after a request from Gov. Glenn Youngkin to help families during these tough economic times. The College of William & Mary, Norfolk State University, and Virginia State University followed shortly.

“It’s great news Virginia Tech is one of the colleges that can be an option for me,” said perspective student Pari Kansara, as she visited Virginia Tech’s Alexandria campus.

But not every university agreed to the governor’s request. The University of Virginia said no to freezing tuition levels. That makes Kansara’s decision a little easier.

“It really gives me more hope towards my admissions process. Calmed me down more I guess,” Kansara said. “It gives me a good, positive view this fall. Especially since Virginia Tech is one of my top schools for this year.”

The tuition freeze is for in-state undergraduates. Kansara may havce a problem.

“It really does make a difference as I am not a U.S. resident. I’m not allowed to apply for a lot of college scholarships,” said Kansara. “A low tuition is a very big priority in my college search process.”

Kansara hopes she will also receive a break on tuition as she likely starts her college career in Virginia, wherever that is.

George Mason University will wait until December to decide whether it will reconsider tuition costs for the remainder of the school year.