NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Parents are turning to a mobile application to help teach their children how to manage money. It’s called BusyKid and can be downloaded onto any smart device.

BusyKid allows parents to create chores, kids complete them, and an allowance is directly deposited into an account. Additionally, a percentage of their weekly allowance is saved automatically. They even get their own debit card to use.

Aubrey Clark, a 4th grader in Marrero, Louisiana, is one of the young people using the application. When she isn’t hanging out with her best friends or watching her favorite show – The Proud Family – she’s balancing her bank account!

Clark’s parents, Renisia and Liference Clark, downloaded the BusyKid app to help Aubrey become financially literate! It’s a new trend called, Money Parenting, where you teach your children about money and how it works!

“We figured now it is time for her to be responsible with this card. She is able to shop online, go into the store, I believe she was excited about the debit card aspect then she started seeing in order for me to get money, I have to do things to earn money,” said Renisia Clark.

Aubrey has her own Busy Kids debit card too! She uses it to make purchases. Her top purchase so far- Disney+

CLICK here for more information on the Busy Kids app!

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