ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – Tax season is officially underway with a deadline this year of April 18. Tax preparers say people will notice some changes this year.

David Kembel, the founder of Kembel Tax and Financial Service, said, “Overall, we’re expecting federal refunds to drop a little bit. In the past, we had stimulus payments. Last year, we had huge child tax credits and daycare credits. All of these are back to normal. So we’re trying to brace our clients for a federal refund that may be dropping a little bit.”

Tax experts say one way to receive your tax refund quicker is to avoid mistakes on your tax return.

Kembel explained, “We see folks anxious to get their refunds so they just file too soon. We need to be patient. Wait until you get everything you need. You forgot being on unemployment or you forgot taking some money out of retirement.. so let’s just kind of wait and be patient until everything comes in. But once it’s in let’s get it filed as soon as we can.”

Kembel said if you file before you get all of your necessary paperwork you can amend your return, but it will likely cost you more money.

Another tip to get your refund quicker is to opt for direct deposit.

“Direct deposit is the way to go. Definitely electronic filing is the way to go. We as preparers pretty much have to go electronic unless there’s a really good reason not to. But again, let’s just be patient and make sure that we get everything the first time. And then the refund should roll in right on schedule,” Kembel said.

The IRS has said refunds should arrive in about 21 days, however, David Kembel said, “In reality, it’s closer to a week or two.”

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